Sunday, March 9, 2008

Reduce Your | Beer Belly

Are you one of those people who wear a T-shirt Its My Beer Belly Bought and paid for but you would rather not wear it and be slimmer? Then read on as if you are determined like me to change the way you look around the abdomen area then with no more than ten minutes effort per day you can make a dramatic difference to your shape and health.

What you need to do everyday is an exercise routine that uses a lot of energy and promotes good cardiovascular circulation. By performing these simple routines on a daily basis will allow you to burn up to one hundred and fifty calories a day.

These one hundred and fifty calories a day can make all the difference so lets get started. The ten-minute schedule begins with performing around two minutes of jump rope exercise. You need to perform two jumps of the rope per turn this is a very good exercise for you if it has been done right. You must take care, as this is an impact exercise so protect yourself by landing properly on the balls of your feet and make sure you use the correct size rope for your size for safety reasons.

You need to keep very positive about the effects of the exercises and remind yourself you are losing weight and feeling better even at first you think I have had enough. The next exercise is the one most people don't like to do but it is very necessary to help with your beer belly removal.

You will need to perform squat thrusts into a push up position this is done by using the following technique. Stand with your feet approx shoulder width apart with your arms straight down next to the sides of your body. Slowly squat down with your head forward and bring your hands to the floor just outside of your feet. You should point your hands forward then in one movement try to push your legs back and out behind you. This then forms the push up position.

By performing one push up and then back to squat position then stand back up for the first couple of times this feels bad but you must focus on the good it is doing you then you know that saying no pain no gain comes from performing exercises like this.

After performing the squat push up exercises for two minutes then switch back to performing jump rope exercises with now only one jump per rope revolution. Keep doing this for the next two minutes and you can really start to feel the blood flow around your body.

After you have completed this for two minutes go back to doing squat exercise but its time to add something extra. After completing your squat thrust and push up lift and rotate your left arm off the ground and over your head. By doing this your left foot will rotate and rest on top of your right foot. Then rotate your necks so you are looking up at the ceiling, rotate back and perform the same position on the opposite side.

Then stand up and perform the same process until the next two minutes are completed. Keep reminding yourself of being able to show off that no existent beer belly on the beach, this works for me all the time. Now repeat the exercises of minutes three and four concentrating on performing exercise without strain or injury. Use the jump rope for the next two minutes and when complete move onto the next exercise.

Back to doing the squat exercise with this added variation by adding a leg lift. Lift the toes of one foot of the ground about 12 inches or so after you have performed your push up section. Lower your foot and perform the same on the opposite side. Stand up and repeat until you have completed minutes six and seven.

When complete go back to performing jump rope for the next two minutes and keep up your concentration if you feel pain or injury then stop and get professional advice always think about what you are doing and making sure that you perform all exercise without over straining or giving yourself and injury.

Go back to performing squat with this extra variation to be added to the exercise perform a jog in place after each push up by standing up and bringing your knees up to your chest while performing a jog on the spot. Perform at least five jogs during this phase if possible.
The last exercise is back to the jump rope and until your time is up this concludes your exercise for the day you should feel a lot stronger and healthier within days and you should feel better and more importantly start to lose weight around the stomach area.

Best of luck with the exercise remember to be ready for the beach next summer.

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